Hello, fellow eco adventurers! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Jay Wilhite, the proud founder and enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast behind Eco-Friendly Explorers. Growing up amidst the rustic charm of southern Idaho, my deep appreciation for the great outdoors was nurtured from a young age. From the moment I could walk, I found myself immersed in the wonders of nature, whether it was hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking alongside my beloved family.

However, as I embarked on my personal journey, my perspective evolved from that of an avid hunter to a dedicated observer and passionate nature lover. It is this transformation that has driven me to create Eco-Friendly Explorers, a platform dedicated to sharing my love for the environment while inspiring others to join in this incredible journey.

This transformation was sparked by a truly awe-inspiring encounter with a majestic stag on a misty mountain morning. As the sun gently rose, casting a golden glow on the dew-covered grass, I found myself in the presence of this magnificent creature. The stag stood tall and proud, its antlers reaching towards the heavens, while its deep, soulful eyes seemed to hold the wisdom of the ages. In that moment, I sensed a profound connection between us, as if we were both inhabitants of this vast and wondrous natural world. This encounter forever changed my perspective, inviting me to appreciate and cherish the beauty and tranquility of nature in all its awe-inspiring glory.


Since that transformative experience, I’ve spent my time appreciating the natural beauty around me – hiking, backpacking, and camping, while also cultivating a continued love for fishing. My educational background as a computer engineer and my professional experience in the timber products industry and environmental consulting have deepened my connection to the land and spurred my interest in climate change and environmental conservation.

I have embarked on numerous adventures—hiking, camping, fishing, and even scuba diving—across the Western states, a few on the East Coast, and even internationally in Mexico, Jamaica, Germany, and Spain. Throughout these diverse environments, one constant has prevailed: the breathtaking beauty of our world that never fails to inspire awe.

Through the positive influence of my in-laws, who were avid adventurers themselves, I’ve also discovered the incredible joy and sense of freedom that comes with RVing and embracing the camper life. Exploring new destinations, waking up to breathtaking views, and creating unforgettable memories on the road has become an integral part of my journey. Whether it’s camping in pristine national parks or embarking on epic cross-country trips, RVing has opened up a whole new world of exploration and adventure for me.

Working with organizations like the National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, and Fish & Game, I saw firsthand the impact of our actions on the environment. With this blog, EcoFriendlyExplorers, I aim to inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors as I do, but with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness.

So whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just starting your journey, I welcome you to EcoFriendlyExplorers. Together, we can explore the world responsibly, leaving only footprints and taking only memories. Here’s to awe-inspiring landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and the undiscovered trail that lies ahead – all experienced through the lens of environmental respect and preservation.